Severin of Sanzerathad

The Librarian's Apprentice. Also, eight.


The boy later known as Severin of Sanzerathad was a street urchin and thief eking out a living in Sigil when he was recruited (kidnapped) by a Githzerai monk known as Yeshiel. Yeshiel had identified him the young boy as the reincarnation of his master, Severin. Yeshiel was the head archivist at the remote Githzerai monastery of Sanzerathad, located deep on Limbo in the shade of the great tree, Yggdrasil. Trained for twelve years on an island of order in a twisted, amorphous chaos-plane, Sev learned a love of books and discipline and provided a natural student of the way of Zerth. He studied with Yeshiel and maintained the library in isolation, with only the stern, serious, Githzerai for company.

Shortly after his master’s death of old age Sev, following a clue left by Yeshiel’s last words, discovered an out-of-place scroll in the humble archives at Sanzerathad. The book, which belonged in the infinite mirrored library of Timaresh, contained a terrible and plane-shaking secret. Shortly after, Rilmani Cuprilachs appeared at Sanzerathad, breaking into open battle with the monks — and Sev was their target. Sev narrowly escaped death and fled into the branches of Yggdrasil, and would surely have been captured had a massive bough not broken off of the great tree.

Sev fell through the planes with the Ratatosk hero, Pripyat. He eventually encountered and adventured with the owners of the Thirsty Badger while trying to find his way back to Sigil to hide out while he figured out what to do with the strange scroll. Shortly after his return to the city of his birth, Sev decided to imbibe a potion of longevity in order to reduce his age and conceal his identity and avoid detection by the Rilmani.

The potion worked a little too well and he became an eight-year-old boy.

Despite the setback, Sev adapted quickly and seemed to enjoy having the clock turned back to have a second chance at the years he lost while living in Limbo. He was still great at punching things, so it all more or less worked out.

The scroll was later destroyed when Cefuir Pinebough was incinerated on Toril, leaving him the only person with knowledge of its terrible secret.

Sev spent most of his life in isolation on Limbo. Though he was familiar with the workings of the outside world, he was naive and child-like. His curiosity and apparent fearlessness nearly got him and his companies into trouble on several occasions. His regression to a child-like state made his years spent on Limbo seem almost dream-like; though his training instilled in him a strong sense of discipline and self-awareness, he quickly adopted a bright, cheerful demeanor and greatly enjoyed his liberation after over a decade in meditative silence.

He felt a great empathy for the suffering of others, and could not resist helping others no matter how dangerous or ill-advised it seemed. A librarian at heart, he often took great risks to recover lost knowledge. Despite his martial skill, he typically thought little of violence and was happy to live and let live so long as another’s actions did not directly harm others. Though peaceful, when moved to action he could be decisive and brutal, once explaining to the late Cefuir Pinebough that, “The Way of Zerth is the way of peace, but not the way of mercy.”

Severin of Sanzerathad

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